Jewellers Block Insurance is designed to cover businesses involved in the production and selling of precious stones and jewels. Plans include compensation for damages sustained to safes, the replacement of locks and keys, accidental damage to the premises and fittings.

The Jewellers Block Policy is an “all risk” coverage, which means that the insurer must specify what is not covered. If a risk is not in the list of exclusions, it is covered. Typical risks that are covered are Burglary, Robbery, Accidental Damage, in addition to the usual risks.

What Extensions are available?

  • Coverage is based on stock at your premises but may be extended to follow your stock almost wherever it goes, including:
  • Goods held in the care custody and control of the insured
  • Shipments
  • Trade Shows And Exhibitions
  • Personal Residences
  • While Being Worn

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